Roll Call of Heros

Everyday public safety agents, deputies, firefighters and officers go to work knowing they could lose their lives to save others. The following Memorial is for all known officers and firefighters who died while on duty in the state of Arizona. Families of fallen officers and firefighters who received assistance from the 100 Club are denoted by an asterisk (*) behind the name of the fallen. The growth and support of the 100 Club has been a progression and originally not every public safety officer and firefighter was covered under the 100 Club’s mission. The 100 Club has grown over the years, going from supporting only Phoenix police officers killed in the line-of-duty, to supporting all Arizona public safety officers and firefighters seriously injured or killed in the line-of-duty or who die from any cause.
19-March-2015 Officer Alex Kee Yazzie* Navajo Police Department
27-December-2014 Officer Tyler Stewart* Flagstaff Police Department
30-November-2014 Officer Ernest Montoya, Sr.* Navajo Nation Police Department
31-October-2014 Officer David Payne* Chandler Police Department
28-October-2014 Officer Bryant Holmes* Chandler Police Department
28-May-2014 Agent Alexander Giannini* U.S. Border Patrol
24-May-2014 Officer Jair Cabrera* Salt River Police Department
12-May-2014 Officer Brandon Mendoza* Mesa Police Department
14-March-2014 Fire Investigator Thomas Quesnel* Tucson Fire Department
8-March-2014 Firefighter Robert Mollere* Hellsgate Fire Department
09-March-2014 COII Gregory “Scott” Grunwald* Arizona Department of Corrections
03-March-2014 Detective John T. Hobbs* Phoenix Police Department
30-June-2013 Wildland Firefighter Andrew Ashcraft* Prescott Fire Department
30-June-2013 Wildland Firefighter Robert Caldwell* Prescott Fire Department
30-June-2013 Wildland Firefighter Travis Carter* Prescott Fire Department
30-June-2013 Wildland Firefighter Dustin Deford* Prescott Fire Department
30-June-2013 Wildland Firefighter Christopher Mackenzie* Prescott Fire Department
30-June-2013 Wildland Firefighter/Superintendent Eric Marsh* Prescott Fire Department
30-June-2013 Wildland Firefighter Grant McKee* Prescott Fire Department
30-June-2013 Wildland Firefighter Sean Misner* Prescott Fire Department
30-June-2013 Wildland Firefighter Scott Norris* Prescott Fire Department
30-June-2013 Wildland Firefighter Wade Parker* Prescott Fire Department
30-June-2013 Wildland Firefighter John Percin* Prescott Fire Department
30-June-2013 Wildland Firefighter Anthony Rose* Prescott Fire Department
30-June-2013 Wildland Firefighter/Captain Jesse Steed* Prescott Fire Department
30-June-2013 Wildland Firefighter Joe Thurston* Prescott Fire Department
30-June-2013 Wildland Firefighter Travis Turbyfill* Prescott Fire Department
30-June-2013 Wildland Firefighter Billy Warneke* Prescott Fire Department
30-June-2013 Wildland Firefighter Clayton Whitted* Prescott Fire Department
30-June-2013 Wildland Firefighter Kevin Woyjeck* Prescott Fire Department
30-June-2013 Wildland Firefighter Garret Zuppiger* Prescott Fire Department
19-May-2013 Officer Daryl Raetz* Phoenix Police Department
19-May-2013 Firefighter Bradley Harper* Phoenix Fire Department
6-May-2013 Officer Tim Huffman* Arizona Department of Public Safety
22-March-2013 Firefighter Brandi Schamadan* Phoenix Fire Department
2-Oct-2012 Agent Nicholas Ivie* U.S. Border Patrol
8-Jun-2012 Firefighter Anthony Polk* Bureau of Indian Affairs – Ft. Yuma
1-May-2012 Deputy Sheriff David Wargo* Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office
8-Jan-2012 Deputy Sheriff William Coleman* Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office
29-Oct-2011 Officer Bradley Jones* Glendale Police Department
19-Aug-2011 Officer Bart Child* U.S. Dept. of Defense, Ft. Huachuca PD
24-Jul-2011 Firefighter Hotshot Deon Jason Classay* Fort Apache Hotshots (BIA)
26-Jun-2011 Sergeant Darrell Curley* Navajo Division of Public Safety
26-May-2011 Officer Matthew Schell* Globe Police Department
12-May-2011 Agent Hector Clark* U.S. Border Patrol
12-May-2011 Agent Eduardo Rojas* U.S. Border Patrol
1-May-2011 Officer Rolando Tirado* Buckeye Police Department
13-Feb-2011 Officer Aaron Peru* San Carlos Apache Tribal Police Dept.
16-Dec-2010 Officer James Lister* ASU Police Department
15-Dec-2010 Agent Brian Terry* U.S. Border Patrol
18-Oct-2010 Sergeant Sean Drenth* Phoenix Police Department
2-Sept-2010 Agent Michael Gallagher* US Border Patrol
26-Aug-2010 Deputy Brian Harris* Kane County Sheriff’s Office
28-July-2010 Detective Carlos Ledesma* Chandler Police Department
26-May-2010 Officer Travis Murphy* Phoenix Police Department
23-May-2010 Captain David Irr* Rural/Metro Fire Department
31-Mar-2010 Captain Dennis Robinson* Three Points Fire District
28-Jan-2010 Lieutenant Eric Shuhandler* Gilbert Police Department
17-Dec-2009 Officer Christopher Marano* Arizona Department of Public Safety
17-Dec-2009 Agent John Hoag III* United States Border Patrol
3-Oct-2009 Officer Thomas Rabjohn* Phoenix Police Department
1-Aug-2009 Captain Eric Tinkham* Queen Creek Fire Department
17-May-2009 Officer Peter Mannino* Tucson Police Department
15-May-2009 Detective Russell Welker* Tempe Police Department
25-Oct-2008 Officer Shane Figueroa* Phoenix Police Department
13-Oct-2008 Officer/Paramedic Bruce W. Harrolle* Arizona Department of Public Safety
1-Oct-2008 CO II, Wildland Fires Douglas Falconer* Arizona Department of Corrections
2-Jun-2008 Officer Erik David Hite* Tucson Police Department
17-Mar-2008 Captain John Delaney* Mesa Fire Department
30-Jan-2008 CO II William O’Neill* Arizona Department of Corrections
19-Jan-2008 Agent Luis Aguilar* United States Border Patrol
20-Dec-2007 Sergeant Victor Sosa* Arizona Department of Corrections
25-Oct-2007 Sergeant Tate Allan Lynch* Casa Grande Police Department
18-Sep-2007 Officer Nicki James (Nick) Erfle* Phoenix Police Department
27-Jul-2007 Officer George Valentino Cortez, Jr.* Phoenix Police Department
4-Jun-2007 Engineer/Paramedic Mark Steven Carter* Phoenix Fire Department
1-Jun-2007 CO II Charles Browning* Arizona Department of Corrections
21-Apr-2007 Deputy Sheriff Philip Anthony Rodriguez* Mohave County Sheriff’s Office
4-Mar-2007 CO II Darrel Kasson* Arizona Department of Corrections
19-Feb-2007 Officer Anthony Jon Holly* Glendale Police Department
3-Nov-2006 Senior Patrol Agent David Webb* US Customs and Border Protection, BP
28-Sep-2006 Officer Kevin Weeks* Tempe Police Department
26-May-2006 Civilian Reserve Daniel Bell* Arizona Department of Public Safety
30-Apr-2006 Officer Robert Daniel Targosz* Gilbert Police Department
14-Mar-2006 Senior Patrol Agent Nicholas D. Greenig* US Customs and Border Protection, BP
29-Nov-2005 Officer Paul Robert Salmon* Phoenix Police Department
4-Sep-2005 Officer Ramon Molina Rios, Jr.* Douglas Police Department
10-Aug-2005 Deputy Sheriff Timothy David Graham * Pima County Sheriff’s Office
24-Jun-2005 Firefighter Valeree Claude* Pinetop Fire Department
2-Jun-2005 CO II Gabriel B. Saucedo* Arizona Department of Corrections
10-May-2005 Officer David Christopher Uribe* Phoenix Police Department
28-Mar-2005 SPAG Sean Magsamen* United States Border Patrol
22-Dec-2004 Officer Darrol Yoos* Phoenix Police Department
19-Dec-2004 Senior Patrol Agent George DeBates* US Customs and Border Protection, BP
28-Aug-2004 Officer Eric James White* Phoenix Police Department
28-Aug-2004 Officer Jason Alan Wolfe* Phoenix Police Department
19-Jun-2004 Firefighter Gary Archibeque* Show Low Fire Department
20-May-2004 Commander Joseph Allen Goldsmith* Apache County Sheriff’s Office
12-May-2004 Officer Donald Ralph Schultz* Phoenix Police Department
28-Apr-2004 EMT/Driver Tammy Mundell* Southwest Ambulance
09-Feb-2004 Army Sergeant Elijah Wong* Maricopa Adult Probation
16-Dec-2003 Agent James Paul Epling* US Customs and Border Protection, BP
26-Jul-2003 Firefighter Randall Bonito* Bureau of Indian Affairs
26-Jul-2003 Pilot Jess Pearce* Bureau of Indian Affairs
19-Jun-2003 Firefighter Richard “Rick” Lupe* Fort Apache Agency, BIA
26-May-2003 Officer Patrick Hardesty* Tucson Police Department
5-Dec-2002 Corrections Sgt. Shannon Douglas Russell* Pima County Sheriff’s Office
10-Sep-2002 Officer Beryl Wayne Scott, Jr.* Phoenix Police Department
24-Aug-2002 Deputy Sheriff Donald Lee Mauldin Pinal County Sheriff’s Office
9-Aug-2002 Park Ranger Kristopher Eggle* United States National Park Service
12-Jun-2002 Officer Robert Joseph Nielsen* Chandler Police Department
6-May-2002 Agent Roberto Javier Duran* United States Border Patrol
20-Feb-2002 Sergeant Thomas Alan Hontz* Scottsdale Police Department
15-Dec-2001 Assistant Fire Chief Darrell “Ricky” Thomas Sommerton/Cocopah Fire Department
13-Aug-2001 Senior Deputy Michael Benjamin Meyer* Yuma County Sheriff’s Office
4-May-2001 Deputy Sheriff Jason Patrick Lopez* Pinal County Sheriff’s Office
14-Mar-2001 Firefighter/Paramedic Bret Tarver* Phoenix Fire Department
7-Feb-2001 Firefighter Carl Shoemaker* Mesa Fire Department
4-Sep-2000 Lance Corporal Daniel Yaklin Marine Corps Air Station Yuma FD
21-Jun-2000 Officer Jeff Adam Moritz* Flagstaff Police Department
21-Mar-2000 Officer Brett C. Buckmister* Arizona Department of Public Safety
18-Feb-2000 Officer Floyd James “Skip” Fink, Jr* Arizona Department of Public Safety
9-Dec-1999 Officer Tenny Gatewood, Jr.* White Mountain Apache Tribal PD
1-Nov-1999 Officer Goelet Alessandro Carlo Beuf* Phoenix Police Department
16-Apr-1999 Officer James Robert Snedigar* Chandler Police Department
2-Apr-1999 Officer Winsonfred Filfred Navajo Division of Public Safety
26-Mar-1999 Officer Marc Todd Atkinson* Phoenix Police Department
9-Dec-1998 Officer Juan Nieblas Cruz* Arizona Department of Public Safety
8-Jun-1998 Officer Esther Todecheene Navajo Division of Public Safety
3-Jun-1998 Agent Alexander Kirpnic United States Border Patrol
9-Apr-1998 Officer Michael Steven Delgado Tohono O’odham Nation PD
4-Mar-1998 Special Agent Gary Friedli* US Customs Service-Office of Inv
2-Jan-1998 Officer Douglas Edward Knutson* Arizona Department of Public Safety
3-Jun-1997 Firefighter Leo A. Stevens Ft Apache Indian Reservation, BIA
21-May-1997 Sergeant David Martin Kieffer Phoenix Police Department
20-Apr-1997 Officer Tim Landers* Phoenix Police Department
7-Mar-1997 CO II Brent W. Lumley* Arizona Department of Corrections
17-Feb-1997 Officer II Samuel Redhouse Navajo Division of Public Safety
3-Jan-1997 Officer Scott Smith* Phoenix Police Department
2-Sep-1996 Captain Charles Welch Lane* Navajo County Sheriff’s Office
9-Jun-1996 Firefighter Michelle Smith Globe Ranger District
1-Jun-1996 Deputy William Livingston Pinal County Sheriff’s Office
6-Jan-1996 Sergeant Hoskie Allen Gene Navajo Division of Public Safety
20-Nov-1995 Sergeant Ronald Kelley Ak-Chin Tribal Police Department
28-Sep-1995 Deputy II Kenneth Ray Blair* Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office
9-Sep-1995 Officer Richard Felix* Chandler Police Department
28-Aug-1995 Deputy Eduardo M. Gonzales* Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office
15-Aug-1995 Officer Robert K. Martin* Arizona Department of Public Safety
4-Jul-1995 Lieutenant Danny P. Elkins* Yuma Police Department
4-Jul-1995 Sergeant Michael L. Crowe* Arizona Department of Public Safety
27-Nov-1994 Officer Steven Paul Pollard* Mesa Police Department
2-Sep-1994 Sergeant Patrick Thompson Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Office
30-Jun-1994 Special Agent Richard Fass* Drug Enforcement Administration
14-Jun-1994 Firefighter Ronald Holmgreen Lake Havasu City Fire Department
11-Mar-1994 Sergeant Patrick Joseph Riley* Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office
11-Feb-1994 Engineer/Paramedic Tim Hale* Phoenix Fire Department
4-Jan-1994 Wildlife Officer Estevan Ortiz Escobedo* Arizona Department of Game and Fish
15-Nov-1993 CO II Robert K. Barchey* Arizona Department of Corrections
3-Jul-1993 Sergeant Mark Maynard Dryer* Arizona Department of Public Safety
17-May-1993 Officer John A. Valenzuela South Tucson Police Department
4-Feb-1993 Sergeant Kevin Tilman Lewis* Bureau of Indian Affairs
28-Nov-1992 Officer Donald Gene Bookbinder* Surprise Police Department
11-Sep-1992 Chief of Police David Neal Wilson* Payson Police Department
16-Aug-1992 Volunteer Firefighter Calvin Morris* Mayer Fire Department
3-Jul-1992 Sergeant David Jon Zesiger* Arizona Department of Public Safety
4-Sep-1991 Officer Leonard Leon Kolodziej* Phoenix Police Department
16-Feb-1991 Firefighter Robert F. Million Avra Valley Fire District
8-Jan-1991 Sergeant Manuel Hurtado Tapia* Arizona Department of Public Safety
31-Aug-1990 Sergeant John M. Blaser* Arizona Department of Public Safety
31-Aug-1990 Officer David George Gabrielli* Arizona Department of Public Safety
24-Aug-1990 Corporal Kevin Barleycorn University of Arizona Police Department
26-Jul-1990 Sergeant Danny L. Tunney* Phoenix Police Department
26-Jul-1990 Sergeant John Wayne Domblisky* Phoenix Police Department
26-Jun-1990 AA/Wildland Firefighter Sandra Bachman* Arizona Department of Corrections
20-Jun-1990 Officer Patrick O. Briggs* Phoenix Police Department
14-Oct-1989 Officer Johnny E. Garcia* Arizona Department of Public Safety
14-Jul-1989 Air Operations Supv David Roberson United States Border Patrol
28-Mar-1989 Detective Willis Henry Gravell Oro Valley Police Department
2-Jan-1989 Deputy Sheriff Robert William Varner, Jr.* Navajo County Sheriff’s Office
23-Sep-1988 Officer Robert Lyle Hawk* Tempe Police Department
17-Sep-1988 Officer Dean James Bureau of Indian Affairs
30-Jun-1988 Deputy Vernon P. Marconnet* Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office
28-Jun-1988 Officer Edward A. Rebel* Arizona Department of Public Safety
10-Jun-1988 Corporal James A. Ross* Mammoth Police Department
27-May-1988 Officer Kenneth L. Collings* Phoenix Police Department
5-Dec-1987 Officer Andy Begay Navajo Division of Public Safety
5-Dec-1987 Officer Roy Lee Stanley Navajo Division of Public Safety
20-Oct-1987 Officer Bruce A. Petersen* Arizona Department of Public Safety
28-Sep-1987 Captain Dillis DeWitt* Mesa Fire Department
28-Sep-1987 Captain Gary Peters* Mesa Fire Department
21-Sep-1987 Lieutenant John Bradshaw* Tempe Police Department
25-Aug-1987 Special Agent Arthur L. Cash Drug Enforcement Administration
30-Jul-1987 Sergeant George S. Covert* Tolleson Police Department
14-Jul-1987 Firefighter Sam McAnally Tucson Fire Department
10-Feb-1987 Deputy Sheriff Steven Garibay Mohave County Sheriff’s Office
14-Jan-1987 Deputy Marshal Richard C. White Colorado City Police Department
30-Jun-1986 Captain Jack R. Stevens* Mesa Fire Department
9-Apr-1986 Patrolman Gary Alan Maas Yuma Police Department
3-Apr-1986 Patrolman Joe Orduno San Luis Police Department
21-Feb-1986 Patrol Officer Glenn Miles, Sr. United States Customs Service
23-Jan-1986 Deputy Sheriff Randall W. Graves Pima County Sheriff’s Office
8-Jan-1986 Officer Robert T. Fike* Phoenix Police Department
5-Oct-1985 Special Agent Robin Ahrens Federal Bureau of Investigations
22-Sep-1985 Sergeant Patrick Lee Campbell Glendale Police Department
14-Jun-1985 Pilot Lester Lee Haynie United States Border Patrol
13-May-1985 Corporal Darrell Dean McCloud* Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office
19-Nov-1984 Officer John A. Robertson* Phoenix Police Department
15-Nov-1984 Firefighter Ricky Pearce* Phoenix Fire Department
7-Sep-1984 Officer Kevin W. Forsythe* Phoenix Police Department
24-Jul-1984 Paramedic David Franks* Phoenix Fire Department
4-May-1984 Officer Robert L. Polmanteer* Phoenix Police Department
24-Apr-1984 Officer Errol C. Hawkins* Phoenix Police Department
29-Jan-1984 Officer Kenneth E. Campbell* Phoenix Police Department
9-Nov-1983 Officer Russell Lowell Duncan* Apache Junction Police Department
2-Oct-1983 Pilot Thomas P. McNeff* Arizona Department of Public Safety
2-Oct-1983 Paramedic Richard G. Stratman* Arizona Department of Public Safety
26-Sep-1983 Deputy Jeffrey Carl Brown Cochise County Sheriff’s Office
21-Jul-1983 Deputy Sheriff Ernest Calvillo Pima County Sheriff’s Office
25-May-1983 Deputy James (Mike) Young Coconino County Sheriff’s Office
14-Apr-1983 Chief of Police Milton Antone Ak-Chin Tribal Police Department
11-Mar-1983 Agent Victor Ochoa United States Border Patrol
6-Sep-1982 Reserve Deputy John B. Jamison Coconino County Sheriff’s Office
6-Aug-1982 Officer John R. Davis, Sr.* Phoenix Police Department
1-Jul-1982 Officer Ignacio G. Conchos* Phoenix Police Department
18-Feb-1982 Officer Jeffrey H. Ross* Tucson Police Department
19-Nov-1980 Officer Wiliam H. Murie* Arizona Department of Public Safety
28-Oct-1980 Patrol Officer James A. Smith Tucson Police Department
7-Feb-1980 Wildlife Manager Allen R. Severson Arizona Department of Game and Fish
15-Jan-1980 Paramedic Ed Gaicke* Tempe Fire Department
7-Dec-1979 Firefighter Edward Bell Tucson Fire Department
30-Nov-1979 Officer John C. Walker* Arizona Department of Public Safety
5-Aug-1979 Firefighter Dale R. Lockett* Phoenix Fire Department
16-Jul-1979 Park Ranger Ward Hall United States National Park Service
10-May-1979 Officer Loren Whitehat Navajo Division of Public Safety
27-April-1979 Firefighter David Deary Fry Fire District
11-Dec-1978 Officer Noah Mack Merrill, Jr.* Arizona Department of Public Safety
1-Mar-1978 Reserve Deputy James L. Epp* Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office
2-Dec-1977 Officer Gregory A. Diley* Arizona Department of Public Safety
24-Apr-1977 Firefighter Floyd Eugene Mason Peoria Fire Department
12-Mar-1977 Firefighter Walter R. Kelson* Phoenix Fire Department
12-Mar-1977 Firefighter Chauncey Ray* Phoenix Fire Department
22-Apr-1976 Officer Arthur Del Gaudio, Jr.* Phoenix Police Department
22-Feb-1976 Police Guard John Franklin MacInnis Phoenix Police Department
17-Nov-1975 Officer Burton Begay Navajo Division of Public Safety
25-Sep-1975 Marshal Samuel Jaramillo Springerville Police Department
7-Sep-1975 CO II Paul W. Rast Arizona Department of Corrections
16-Jun-1975 Officer Gilbert R. Chavez* Phoenix Police Department
28-Oct-1974 Officer Barry Headricks Tucson Police Department
7-Sep-1974 Firefighter Lester Hillis* Phoenix Fire Department
6-Aug-1974 Firefighter Randolph J. Potts* Phoenix Fire Department
22-Jul-1974 Deputy Sheriff James Michael Lewis Mohave County Sheriff’s Office
24-Apr-1974 Patrol Officer Louis David Dixon United States Customs Service
24-Apr-1974 Patrol Officer Charles Bokinskie United States Customs Service
8-Nov-1973 Deputy Sheriff Lloyd Donald Heilman Mohave County Sheriff’s Office
8-Nov-1973 Deputy Sheriff Frank Edwin Howard Mohave County Sheriff’s Office
2-Nov-1973 Officer Michael D. Hemschmeyer* Phoenix Police Department
4-Oct-1973 Pilot Friedrich Karl United States Border Patrol
4-Oct-1973 Senior Agent John Blue United States Border Patrol
2-Sep-1973 Deputy Delbert L. Berry Apache County Sheriff’s Office
19-Jul-1973 Officer Alan H. Hansen* Arizona Department of Public Safety
18-Jul-1973 Firefighter Donald Webb Kingman Fire Department
10-Jul-1973 Firefighter Frank Henry Kingman Fire Department
8-Jul-1973 Firefighter Richard Lee Williams Kingman Fire Department
7-Jul-1973 Firefighter Christopher Sanders Kingman Fire Department
6-Jul-1973 Firefighter Joseph Chambers III Kingman Fire Department
6-Jul-1973 Firefighter Art Stringer Kingman Fire Department
5-Jul-1973 Firefighter John Campbell Kingman Fire Department
5-Jul-1973 Firefighter William Casson Kingman Fire Department
5-Jul-1973 Firefighter M.B. Jimmy Cox Kingman Fire Department
5-Jul-1973 Firefighter Roger Hubka Kingman Fire Department
24-Jun-1973 Deputy George Edward McMurren Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office
22-Jun-1973 CO II Dale E. Morey Arizona Department of Corrections
22-Jun-1973 CO II Theodore J. (Ted) Buckley Arizona Department of Corrections
25-Mar-1973 Spcial Agent George White Bureau of Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs
25-Feb-1973 Deputy Sheriff James Melvin Morgan Pinal County Sheriff’s Office
13-Jun-1972 Deputy Ralph K. Butler* Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office
22-Nov-1971 Officer Clay Quincy Haywood* Phoenix Police Department
10-Sep-1971 Chief of Police Kenneth D. Lindley Prescott Police Department
7-Jun-1971 Firefighter John Spradling* Rural Metro Fire Department, Scottsdale
7-Feb-1971 Officer Don A. Beckstead Arizona Department of Public Safety
5-Feb-1971 Officer James L. Keeton Arizona Department of Public Safety
18-Jan-1971 Deputy Warren LaRue* Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office
18-Jan-1971 Deputy Rex Stone* Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office
28-Dec-1970 Officer Albert R. Bluhm* Phoenix Police Department
28-Dec-1970 Officer Dale C. Stone* Phoenix Police Department
5-Sep-1970 Officer Gilbert A. Duthie Arizona Department of Public Safety
6-Jan-1970 Investigator William Phillips US Immigration and Naturalization Service
31-Dec-1969 Deputy Sheriff Robert Ray (Bobby) Walker Mohave County Sheriff’s Office
6-Dec-1969 Deputy Leroy Dale Brown Cochise County Sheriff’s Office
9-Jun-1969 Officer Paul E. Marston Arizona Department of Public Safety
18-Sep-1967 Officer James Stiner Arizona Department of Corrections
14-May-1967 Agent Richard Lugo United States Border Patrol
28-Nov-1965 Agent Alfred Moore AZ Dept. of Liquor Licenses and Control
7-Nov-1965 Officer Richard Walter Kurth* Tolleson Police Department
31-Aug-1965 Lieutenant Robert L. Dorn* Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office
4-Aug-1965 Marshal Herman William Nofs* Youngtown Police Department
21-Oct-1963 Sheriff Robert Mendum Tarr Mohave County Sheriff’s Office
18-Jun-1961 Pilot Kenneth L. Carl United States Border Patrol
12-Apr-1960 Chief of Police Dennis Titla San Carlos Apache Tribal Police
22-Dec-1958 Officer Louis O. Cochran Arizona Department of Public Safety
5-Oct-1957 Deputy Gerald Barnes Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office
14-May-1955 Deputy Sheriff Carlos Escamilla Pinal County Sheriff’s Office
16-Nov-1953 Deputy Sheriff Jack R. Brierly Pima County Sheriff’s Office
15-Sep-1952 Deputy Marshal Edmund Schweppe United States Marshals Service
19-Feb-1952 Officer Walter H. Stewart Phoenix Police Department
8-Jan-1951 Deputy Sheriff Burtice W. Wickstrum Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office
18-Dec-1950 Deputy Sheriff Rubert M. Hopkins Pima County Sheriff’s Office
9-Aug-1948 Deputy Sheriff John D. Anderson Pima County Sheriff’s Office
3-Aug-1948 Deputy Sheriff Edward Smith Pinal County Sheriff’s Office
4-Feb-1948 Deputy Walter Akers Yuma County Sheriff’s Office
25-Jan-1948 Deputy Sylvester Castillo Villa Yuma County Sheriff’s Office
15-Apr-1947 Marshal Joe McDaniel Williams Police Department
8-Apr-1947 Inspector Clarence Jewel Trask United States Customs Service
13-Sep-1946 Deputy Mitchell Leroy Smith Gila County Sheriff’s Office
8-Jul-1946 Firefighter Fred VanCamp Tucson Fire Department
9-Feb-1945 Night Watchman Clarence Dotson Wickenburg Police Department
6-Jun-1943 Night Watchman Samuel Dow Blackwell Pinal County Sheriff’s Office
28-Feb-1942 Sheriff John Nunn Apache County Sheriff’s Office
28-Dec-1940 BP Inspector George E. Pringle United States Border Patrol
8-Jun-1938 Deputy Sheriff Jack Hickox Pinal County Sheriff’s Office
21-Jul-1937 Special Deputy Edward J. Roberts Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office
7-Sep-1936 Officer Robert Cummins Tucson Police Department
8-Jan-1934 Deputy Sheriff Jim Roberts Yavapai County Sheriff’s Department
22-May-1933 Policeman Dave Reese Jerome Police Department
17-Jun-1932 Sheriff Fred Kenney Cochise County Sheriff’s Office
14-May-1932 Cattle Inspector Joseph Calvin Dillman Arizona Livestock Sanitary Board
2-Jan-1932 Customs Officer Clyde Bristow United States Customs Service
29-Jan-1930 Deputy Sheriff Lee Wright Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office
10-Dec-1929 Firefighter Ambrose Shea Phoenix Fire Department
9-Dec-1929 Firefighter J.D. “Jack” Sullivan Phoenix Fire Department
9-Aug-1929 Special Agent Paul Reynolds Federal Bureau of Investigations
20-Feb-1929 Park Ranger Glen Sturdevant United States National Park Service
20-Feb-1929 Park Ranger Fred Johnson United States National Park Service
23-Oct-1928 Deputy Sheriff Clifford Nelson Pima County Sheriff’s Office
13-Aug-1927 Deputy Sheriff Edwin Bill Conoley Pinal County Sheriff’s Office
25-Jul-1926 BP Inspector Lon Parker United States Border Patrol
23-Apr-1926 Patrol Inspector William Walker McKee United States Border Patrol
5-Feb-1925 Officer Haze Burch Phoenix Police Department
17-Jul-1922 Deputy Leonard A. Smith Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office
13-Jul-1922 Sheriff George White Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office
9-Apr-1922 Deputy Almon W. Dana Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office
29-Aug-1921 Officer Charles Patterson AT&SF Railroad Police Department
1-Jul-1921 Undersheriff Edward Frank Bowers, Jr. Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office
11-Jan-1921 Night Marshal Cyrus M. Spangler Tempe Police Department
16-Sep-1920 Constable Andrew E. (Shep) Sheppard Bisbee Police Department
31-May-1919 Deputy Victor Melick Coconino County Sheriff’s Office
18-May-1919 Night Officer Albert Nettle Tempe Police Department
16-Jul-1918 Deputy James Lowry Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office
14-May-1918 Deputy Sheriff Joseph E. Donaldson Pinal County Sheriff’s Office
4-Apr-1918 Deputy William A. Tenney Pinal County Sheriff’s Office
9-Feb-1918 Sheriff Robert F. McBride Graham County Sheriff’s Office
9-Feb-1918 Undersheriff Martin Kempton Graham County Sheriff’s Office
9-Feb-1918 Deputy Kane Wooten Graham County Sheriff’s Office
12-Jul-1917 Deputy Orson McRae Cochise County Sheriff’s Office
11-Dec-1914 County Ranger James A. Mercer Pima County Sheriff’s Office
5-Nov-1914 Deputy Sheriff John C. Powers Pinal County Sheriff’s Office
19-Aug-1914 Deputy Sheriff Phineas Brown Pinal County Sheriff’s Office
12-Nov-1913 Town Marshal Hyram Smith Peterson Mesa Police Department
12-Aug-1913 Deputy Ed Miller Cochise County Sheriff’s Office
21-Jan-1913 Deputy Sheriff Joe W. Meeks Pima County Sheriff’s Office
24-Sep-1912 Deputy Tom Campbell Graham County Sheriff’s Office
24-Sep-1912 Deputy Albert Munguia Graham County Sheriff’s Office
24-Jul-1911 Deputy John D. Garnett Greenlee County Sheriff’s Office
15-May-1911 Deputy Sheriff Ed L. Drew Pinal County Sheriff’s Office
9-May-1911 Constable Frank E. Trask Benson Police Department
18-Nov-1910 Firefighter Jack R. Boleyn Tucson Fire Department
1-Sep-1910 Night Policeman Charles E. King Jerome Police Department
23-May-1909 Officer Charlie Escalante Yuma Indian Reservation
17-Jul-1908 Deputy Escapulo D. Norro Coconino County Sheriff’s Office
10-Jan-1908 Deputy Charles Edwards Gila County Sheriff’s Office
9-Sep-1905 Firefighter Richard Garza Willcox Public Safety Department
28-Oct-1905 Town Marshal William Joe Giles Winslow Police Department
20-Jun-1905 Firefighter Jerry D. Donahue USDA Forest Service
19-Jun-1905 Firefighter Jesse D. Gates Bureau of Indian Affairs
11-Jun-1905 Firefighter Ronald J. Cannon Florence Correction Fire Brigade
11-Jun-1905 Firefighter James Martz Eloy Fire District
3-Jun-1905 Firefighter Ronald J. McNeeley Davis Monthan Air Force Base Fire Department
10-Feb-1904 Deputy Arthur Wright Cochise County Sheriff’s Office
16-May-1903 Deputy Constable Thomas M. Vaughn Douglas Police Department
26-Jul-1902 Officer William Katzenstein Tucson Police Department
1-Jan-1902 Deputy Charles (Joe) Hawkins Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office
7-Oct-1901 Ranger Carlos Tafolla Arizona Rangers
7-Oct-1901 Deputy William B. Maxwell Apache County Sheriff’s Office
8-Jan-1901 Undersheriff Matthew B. Devane Yuma County Sheriff’s Office
5-Apr-1900 Officer George Scarborough Cochise County Sheriff’s Department
11-Nov-1899 Deputy William Henry Montgomery Coconino County Sheriff’s Office
1-Jun-1899 Deputy Chet Ainsworth Cochise County Sheriff’s Office
1-Dec-1892 Justice of the Peace Charles L. Flake Snowflake Police Department
3-Jul-1892 Officer William Elliott Tucson Police Department
19-Apr-1891 Constable James Hawkins Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office
1-Jun-1890 Sheriff Jerry Ryan Gila County Sheriff’s Office
10-Apr-1890 Constable W.W. Lowther Bisbee Police Department
1-Jan-1890 Chief of Police Ben Williams Bisbee Police Department
2-Nov-1889 Deputy William A. Holmes Gila County Sheriff’s Office
2-Nov-1889 Sheriff Glenn Reynolds Gila County Sheriff’s Office
25-Apr-1888 Deputy Jake Bowman Cochise County Sheriff’s Office
12-Aug-1888 Deputy Cesario Lucero Cochise County Sheriff’s Office
1-Jan-1888 Peace Officer Hank Frost Nogales Police Department
7-Feb-1887 Deputy George W. Lockhart Apache County Sheriff’s Office
20-Dec-1885 Deputy John M. Murphy Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office
3-Dec-1885 Sheriff Ben Crawford Graham County Sheriff’s Office
11-Nov-1885 Deputy Casper Albert Cochise County Sheriff’s Office
9-Jun-1885 Deputy William L. Daniels Cochise County Sheriff’s Office
6-Mar-1884 Deputy Constable Issac L. Roberts Cochise County Sheriff’s Office
8-Dec-1883 Deputy D. Tom Smith Cochise County Sheriff’s Office
29-Apr-1883 Deputy Sheriff Andrew W. Holbrook Pima County Sheriff’s Office
7-Jul-1882 Deputy Kiv Phillips Cochise County Sheriff’s Office
6-Jul-1882 Chief of Police John Colvig San Carlos Apache Tribal Police
26-May-1882 Deputy John Snodgrass Coconino County Sheriff’s Office
19-Apr-1882 Chief of Police Albert Sterling San Carlos Apache Tribal Police
10-Oct-1880 Marshal Fred White Tombstone Marshal’s Office
1-Apr-1880 Deputy David F. Craeghe Apache County Sheriff’s Office
1-Jan-1880 Deputy Sheriff Milton McDowell Pima County Sheriff’s Office
26-Aug-1879 Deputy Constable James Haines Safford Police Department
2-Sep-1878 Deputy Marshal John Adams United States Marshals Service
2-Sep-1878 Deputy Marshal Cornelius Finley United States Marshals Service
1-Jan-1873 Deputy Marshal Andy Frigate United States Marshals Service
20-Sep-1871 Sheriff James T. Dana Yuma County Sheriff’s Office
18-Nov-1866 Deputy Marshal George Leihy United States Marshals Service
3-May-1865 Sheriff Cornelius Sage Yuma County Sheriff’s Office