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Support The 100 Club of Arizona,  with a purchase of Ret. Phoenix Police Detective Clark Schwartzkopf's new book, Random Recreational Violence.   This new book chronicles Clarks experience as the lead detective in the 2005/06 Phoenix Serial Shooter case.

About The Book

A trio of callous murderers. A seasoned officer charged with connecting the bloody dots.

             Phoenix, 2006. Detective Clark Schwartzkopf never flinched from delivering justice. Investigating arbitrary shotgun violence, the veteran cop was quick to make disturbing links to a chilling streak of cold-hearted shootings of people and animals. Convinced he finally had the perpetrators within reach, Schwartzkopf battled interference from intrusive feds and nosy reporters, all while the dead and wounded kept coming.

This expert investigator’s first-hand account of a blood-stained hunt for criminals reveals the inner workings of law enforcement and a detective’s extraordinary care for over thirty-five victims. Unpacking the case with meticulous scrutiny and remarkable storytelling, Schwartzkopf reveals the wanton pathology of a psychopath and the undercover moves it took to catch and convict the killers, including the heavy toll of pursuing them day and night.

“This is the best crime book I've ever read, fiction or nonfiction, bar none. Not only is it a great story for entertainment, it should be mandatory reading and study for anyone aspiring to be a detective, investigator, or crime writer.”

—Sergeant Andy Hill, Public Information Officer, 26 years Phoenix Police Department (retired)

About Detective Clark Schwartzkopf

Detective Clark Schwartzkopf (retired) served for over thirty years in the Phoenix Police Department. He works as a consultant in serial murder cases, unsolved and cold case homicides, school threats and violence, and risk/threat assessments of public figures. He earned a BS in Business Economics, an MS in Counseling from Northern Arizona University, and an MEd in Domestic Preparedness from Grand Canyon University.

He has taught courses in terrorism at Grand Canyon University, has presented to numerous investigators and TV media over the years, and has taught and coordinated training for homicide detectives. He has also trained school personnel on best practices to deal with school violence. Detective Schwartzkopf was awarded investigator of the year in 2010 and decorated dozens of times for his work in violent crime investigation. He is now moving into the area of corporate investigations and security.

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