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This conference is FREE to all first responders, retirees, and professional support staff.

The 100 Club of Arizona will provide a Certificate of Attendance that states that this conference will provide ten (10) hours of Continuing Education Credit.

Effective December 5, 2022, AZPOST will no longer review agency or vendor requests forcontinuing training credits. The Board approved discontinuing this practice in July 2022. Law enforcement agencies will be responsible for vetting and approving/denying all vendor or consultant training for their employees. Guidance on "how to" vet vendors has been provided to training coordinators by members of AZPOST’s Advanced Training Unit.”


Training Dates & Details

Lunch will be provided each day.

Tuesday - October 24th / 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Wednesday - October 25th / 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.



Wednesday - October 25th / 3:15 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. YOGA (First 25 participants to sign-up!)


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If you have any questions about the conference, please feel free to email Programs Manager, Rainee Crabtree, rainee@100club.org.





Day #1 ~ Tuesday, October 24th ~ 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.


You Are Never Alone -A Personal Story of Survival, Courage and Vulnerability

Officer Jared Nesary, Yakima Police Department (Retired), U.S. Marine Corps Veteran

Jared will share his personal battle with PTSD, and what healing looks like after residential treatment. His courage to ask for help, which in his words saved his life and career. “You are never alone” is a personal story of survival, courage and vulnerability and a great reminder to all that no matter how dark the darkness gets or how far you have fallen, you are never alone in this battle. Jared survived PTSD and won his life back. 








Understanding PTSD/PTSI and How it Affects Us All

Matt Quackenbush, LCSW

Matt has nearly two decades of experience in the mental health arena. He is the owner and creator of Finding Strength and the Finding Strength Method, a cutting-edge therapeutic treatment approach. As Deer Hollow’s Director of Education and Trainings, he travels the Nation with a team of fellow passionate healers, on a mission to educate all who are willing to listen that there is hope available to any who suffer from trauma. Using many different mediums to accomplish this aim, Matt is also the host of the critically acclaimed podcast the Finding Strength Podcast, available anywhere you get your podcasts. A Certified Mind-Body Bridging Therapist, specializing in a variety of evidenced based trauma treatment models including EMDR, Internal Family Systems, CPT, Psychodrama, and mindfulness. He is currently working on obtaining a PhD in Psychology studying Traumatology and the neurological effects of trauma on the brain. With over 10,000 hours of trauma focused therapy, Matt is considered an expert in the field of trauma treatment by many of his peers. In his presentation, Matt teaches us some of the latest research and techniques in Neuroscience, Traumatology, and Psychology. You’ll learn the basics of the neurobiology of trauma, how it changes the physical structure of the brain, and the way the body responds to threat and stress. You’ll learn about the new and cutting-edge treatments being used in the field of Traumatology. And when we’re done, you’ll walk away with easy-to-use take-home tools and techniques, more capable of changing the way your brain works and how your body responds to threat and stress.


Yoga and Its' Impact on First Responder Wellness

Paige Arnone, Founder of Firstgevity

Long hours, traumatic incidents, and high levels of stress can lead to burnout, exhaustion, and even physical injury.  You will learn how yoga can help you be physically, mentally, and emotionally fit for the demands of your job.







Workplace Wellness – A Practical Guide to Nutrition 

Aric Tosqui, Commander Detroit Police Department

We are at epidemic proportions for obesity in this country.  Its impact on law enforcement is shown in dramatic health issues within the ranks, influencing the overall readiness of our first responders.  Aside from economic and health costs, this rapid growth of obesity negatively affects homeland security.  Fortunately, there are practical nutrition principles that can be individually adopted to change the trajectory of an individual’s health.  Participants of this seminar will walk away with an understanding of what the obesity problem is, and learn actionable steps that they (and their families) can take to improve their overall health.




Glendale Regional Public Safety Training Center

11550 W. Glendale Ave.

Glendale, AZ  85307


Hotel Recommendation

SpringHill Suites by Marriott

7370 N. Zanjero Boulevard, Glendale, Arizona, 85305
(623) 772-9200



Day #2 ~ Wednesday, October 25th ~ 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.


Turning Weaknesses into Strengths

Leanne McKnight, First Responder Wife and Advocate

Leanne will share her personal challenges and successes as a wife of a medically retired first responder, her experiences with Peer Support, and her passion to continue to advocate for those who feel silenced.


Life and Living in the First Responder World

Dr. Debbie Ritterbush, PhD









Colleen McHorney, BS, Certified Health & Wellness Coach









Amy Seets, Crime Scene Investigator/Evidence Tech/Probation Officer/First Responder Family Member

Presentation Description:

  • The myths and reality of the first responder, and their partner and family life
  • Trauma and the first responder
  • When work comes home: Trauma and the family
  • Transitions and expectations
  • The first responder partner dance
  • First responder partner and family tool box
  • Accessing assistance


Retirement - Transitioning to a New Beginning . . .

Jack Harris, Retired Law Enforcement

While retirement is an “event” that happens one day, the journey to and through retirement is a “process” that has its challenges, which even the most financially ready people are often unprepared for.   This presentation will help the participants better appreciate the transition from being on-the-job to watching through the window.  Preparing for, adjusting to, understanding the power or relevance, connection & purpose, and recognizing the impact on self and family are some of the topics that will be discussed.   Enjoying a long-awaited retirement is much easier for those who successfully prepare for and navigate the journey.


"Standing Behind the Men and Women who Stand Behind the Badge", 100 Club of Arizona

Angela Harrolle, President & CEO

Angela will share 100 Club updates, highlight our wellness programs and support services available, and allow time for questions you may have.










Optional Yoga (First 25 participants to sign-up)

Paige Arnone, Founder of Firstgevity


Experience a live yoga session with Firstgevity.


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