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Governor Doug Ducey Announces a $3.6m Grant to The 100 Club of Arizona

From left to right: Arizona Department of Public Safety Director, Colonel Frank Milstead, 100 Club of Arizona CEO Angela Harrolle; Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, Bob Parsons, Renee Parsons, US Border Patrol Agent Michael Meshirer

At a press conference held May 8 at the Arizona State Capitol,

Governor Doug Ducey announced that The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation has issued a grant for up to $3.6M to The 100 Club of Arizona. The funds will help further the organization’s mission of supporting first responders and their families who have experienced trauma and loss in the line of duty.

“Our first responders put their physical and mental health at risk every day,” said businessman Bob Parsons. “This grant will not only help them heal from catastrophic injuries and illnesses, but will provide additional support for those coping with PTSD and other challenges.”

Specifically, the grant will provide additional funding over a three-year period to the following 100 Club of Arizona programs:

  • The Safety Enhancement Stipend – This program allows public safety agencies statewide to apply for financial assistance to purchase equipment and supplies that further the safety of their members.
  • Peer 100 – The Peer 100 Program connects first responders with mental health and wellness services, specifically for coping with PTSD and other hazards of the job.
  • H.E.R.O.S. Program – When first responders encounter a life-altering situation, such as cancer, a terminal illness or death, The 100 Club of Arizona steps in to offer financial support.
  • The grant will also help The 100 Club of Arizona establish The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation Assistance Fund – The money from this program will provide additional and much needed assistance to officers and firefighters who experience a catastrophic injury in the line of duty. 

“The men and women who serve our community each day deserve our respect and support,” said Renee Parsons. “Bob and I are proud to partner with the 100 Club to offer increased safety equipment, mental health services and financial aid to first responders and their families.”

Established in 1968, The 100 Club of Arizona provides much needed support to public safety agencies, their members and families statewide. Today, services have expanded beyond financial assistance to include funding for enhanced safety equipment, confidential mental health services and scholarships.

“This donation from The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation is nothing short of extraordinary,” said Angela Harrolle, CEO and President of The 100 Club. “Their support and generous financial contribution will make a significant difference in the lives of Arizona’s first responders and their families. We are filled with gratitude.”

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