The 100 Club of Arizona's Peer 100 program addresses the wellness challenges in the public safety profession for officers/firefighters and their families. Peer 100 is based on emphasizing support, training, resources, referrals and services; these opportunities provided by the 100 Club are available when agencies suffering budget constraints are not able to provide resources for the welfare of their officers/firefighters. Training seminars offered by 100 Club sponsorship have included Suicide Awareness, Train the Trainer, and Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM). The Peer 100 Program can also provide financial assistance when an officer or firefighter struggles with the emotional impact of their public safety profession. This is a one-time assistance of $300-$1,000 to be used for emotional wellness services.

For more questions about the Peer 100 program or to request assistance, please contact

To file a request for Peer 100 assistance, please fill out the Peer 100 Assistance Request form

Bulletproof is a confidential and anonymous online mental health and wellness resource for law enforcement service members and their families.
To learn more about the Bulletproof program, please visit the Bulletproof website.


  • These additional resources are available to public safety and their families. These resources are free of service and are unaffiliated with any particular agency.
  •– Fire Strong is an organization comprised of tools and programs designed by members for members and is completely confidential and anonymous.
  • Fire Crisis Support Line: 602-845-FIRE (3473) – An independent, confidential fire support crisis line for fire personnel and their families.
  • Law Enforcement Crisis Support Line: 602-433-COPS (2677) – An independent, confidential law enforcement support crisis line for police servicemen and women and their families.