Thin Blue Line Reporting is a mobile-based eCitation and reporting system for front line officers utilizing best in class security and an intuitive mobile interface on a ruggedized iPad or iPhone. The 100 Club Officer Safety Grant focuses on the traffic modules which are designed to reduce an officer's time spent on the side of the road for traffic incidents. This particular suite of modules includes eCitation, eWarning, ADOT eCrash Reporting and the Collision Exchange Form. Additionally, digital evidence can be collected and seamlessly attached to any report. All data is synced, in real time, to the TBL ACJIS/CJIS compliant cloud which allows for on-the-spot monitoring and reviewing by Command Staff and/or Records Department with unlimited digital storage capacity. The program will include a digital integration into the AZ-AOC court database and the ability to be integrated into your department's RMS.