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Wellness App

Bulletproof Wellness App

Check out the latest health & wellness app
developed for First Responders!

There are many variations of health & wellness needs in the Public Safety Community. The 100 Club of Arizona, with generous funding from The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation brings you and your family confidential resources in the palm of your hand with the Bulletproof Wellness App powered by Apex Mobile Solutions!

You can download Bulletproof for free in your app store, and it is also accessible online at Bulletproof.org

Bulletproof Wellness App


Private & Confidential

Providing private and confidential access to critical resources for public safety personnel and their family

24-Hour Access

Valuable resources available when public safety personnel and their families need it most

Health & Wellness

Access to cutting edge information, resources and tools to enhance first responder health and wellness

Latest Resources

Comprehensive collection of tools that support and improve first responder health and wellness

Bulletproof Wellness Services are provided by The 100 Club of Arizona to all Law Enforcement Agencies in the state of Arizona.

For more information on how to get access for your agency or department, please email our Programs Team at programs@100club.org

Bulletproof Wellness Services Are
Generously Funded By:

The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation