100 Club of Arizona Scholarship

The 2024-2025 100 Club of Arizona Scholarship Application is CLOSED

*Please note that100 Club of Arizona Scholarship will take you to the Arizona Community Foundation’s website. The 100 Club of Arizona has engaged Arizona Community Foundation (an unbiased third-party) to evaluate applications and select applicants for awards. When the application is open, please complete your application thoroughly and provide as much information as possible; applicants who are not awarded a 100 Club of Arizona Scholarship will be placed into a selection pool for other scholarships provided by the Arizona Community Foundation.*


100 Club's Scholarship Program

The 100 Club of Arizona’s Scholarship Program was established in 2006 to provide undergraduate financial education assistance for immediate family members (spouses, children, and in some cases, grandchildren) of active, retired or deceased public safety officers and firefighters throughout the state of Arizona. Since its inception in 2006, the 100 Club has awarded more than $3 million to hundreds of students statewide. 100 Club Scholarships have reduced the significant financial burden of college tuition for students in public safety families across Arizona. Most scholarships provided are $5,000 with a few select scholarships being $10,000. This past school year, the 100 Club was able to provide over 80 scholarships!

The 100 Club’s scholarship program is funded solely through generous community donations and committed giving by our sponsors. We are very thankful for each and every one of our donors; without them, we would be unable to offer this education assistance program. Many of our scholarships are what we refer to as “Named Scholarships,” meaning that a family has donated money to award in honor or memory of a loved one who has passed. Other scholarships may be sponsored by a local business; however, the majority of awarded scholarships are ‘100 Club Scholarships’ that come from money raised throughout the year by way of community donations and other fundraisers promoted by our local community partners.


Scholarship Types, Criteria, and Timeline


Scholarships may be awarded to eligible persons wishing to pursue a course of study beyond high school as an undergraduate student. Awards are not available to those seeking a post-graduate college degree (Master’s Degree).  Eligible programs include but are not limited to:

  • Accredited colleges and universities
  • Post secondary trade schools

The 100 Club scholarship awards are one-time (or for one year) and funds are issued directly to the attending institution for tuition, books, fees, and/or housing. All funds must be used during this year.


While applicants do not need to be financial supporters of the 100 Club to be eligible to apply for a scholarship, they MUST be the Immediate family member-child, spouse, or stepchild (cousins, aunts/uncles or other extended family are not eligible) of an active, retired, or deceased police officer or firefighter.

Some notes to help you with your ACF application:

  1. You must include that you are applying for the 100 Club scholarship or it will not be included.
  2. Click the “Apply” button next to the home icon and then search for ACF General Application
  3. Once the application is submitted, applicants will need to go back in there to apply for the 100 Club scholarship and will view this on the Dashboard. This 100 Club scholarship requires additional questions after submitting the general application. Any scholarship that shows “View Application” is complete. Any scholarship that shows “Edit Application” requires additional information before you can be considered.
The 2024-2025 scholarship is currently not open and closed on April 1, 2024. For those that have applied, communication on your application will be provided by the Arizona Community Foundation in mid-May 2024.Each scholarship is based on an academic year. For example, if an applicant will graduating high school or returning to school in Fall 2024 (academic year: 2024-2025) and are interested in applying for a scholarship, they will need to apply for the 100 Club’s Scholarship Application Process which opens the first week in January and closes the first week in March each year.